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Sun – Wed 11 am – 4 am

Thu – Sat 11 am – 5 am 

FKK Model im Sharks | Saunaclub in Darmstadt
PLEASE NOTE: Our female guests offer their services on a freelance basis and they are not employed by FKK Sharks. Any agreements on the nature of the service and the amount of remuneration, as well as the payment are a matter of arrangement between our guests and will not give rise to a contractual or business relationship with FKK Sharks. 

The female guests operate exclusively in in their own name and for their own account. The admission price does not include any services of female guests or massage therapists working on a freelance basis.


everything your heart desires



Steam Bath

Outdoor pool



Various saunas for all likings

Here at Sharks it’s not only the hot naked girls that’ll get you sweating: At 90 degrees, our traditional Finnish sauna with regular, alternating fragrance infusions is guaranteed to get you hot and steamy.

For special infusion requests, please contact a member of staff who’ll be happy to assist you.

Every first friday of the month: 
The lange Sauna Nacht (Long Sauna Night) with

Sauna Master Dieter

infusion times


Saunaclub bar with a sexy view

Right in the centre of our 4000m² indoor area is the bar, a meeting point for guests and a hotspot for the girls.
The bar is well-stocked and caters for practically any drink order. Kick back with your favourite drink and soak in a club ambience that is entirely in tune with your erotic wellness adventure.
 It won’t be long till one of the ladies in our FKK club casts an eye in your direction. Get things off to the best start by inviting her to join you for a glass of fine wine. Champagne perhaps?
Our bartenders are happy to advise you on our selection of delec­table drinks. You can choose from prosecco, champagne, cocktails, wines, beers, soft drinks and many more. All soft drinks, speciality coffees and visits to the restaurant buffet are included in the entry price.
Leckere Drinks im FKK Sharks


Köstlichkeiten im FKK Sharks | Saunaclub in Darmstadt

DARMSTADT Saunaclub Restaurant

To help you rest and refuel during your visit to FKK Club Sharks, we also offer a varied selection of culinary delights.

From breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake right through to dinner, our restaurant buffet is always abundant with dishes and specialities prepared by our chef de cuisine and star cook.

Quench your thirst at our bar with your favourite drink!


From Wednesday to Sunday, our guests are treated to an Asian buffet with all the delicacies that the Far East has to offer, fresh from the hunt for you to add to your plate.

In the game season, here at Sharks we serve deer, wild boar, venison and more as a goulash, steak or roasting joint.

Even gourmets are sure to get their money’s worth. Our sauna club will satisfy your carnal desires in every sense.

Got a sweet tooth? Our sauna club restaurant has just the thing you crave: Every day you’ll find up to twelve delicious cakes, fresh fruit and fine tortes.

But rather than us telling you all of this, why not sample our cuisine for yourself when you pay us a visit?

Our main aim is to look after our guests’ physical well-being, which manifests itself in our club offer of erotica, wellness and fine food.

All of our speciality meats are produced locally, organically and sustainably and sourced from butcher Metzgerei Hamm. We’re passionate about delivering exceptional quality and great taste!


Aufregendes SM im FKK Sharks | Saunaclub in Darmstadt


For those who prefer that extra touch of exclusivity, we recommend our VIP Lounge which will leave you feeling like a king.

Through a separate entrance you’ll enter your very own nudist palace and enjoy a majestic view of the entire sauna club.

Keep an eye on what’s going on around you and revel in the admiring looks cast up at you from below.

Grab a hot girl, kick back on the comfortable sofas with a glass of champagne or flick through the SKY channels in peace. 

The VIP Lounge comes with its very own well-stocked bar.

The private rooms, equipped with a bathtub and bed, guarantee the utmost discretion and zero interruptions.

VIP Area just for you

Hire out the lounge for birthdays, stag parties or private parties with that little touch of erotica. Our team will do everything to make your visit to Sharks an unforgettable event.

Surrender to the erotic ambience of our nudist club and combine the exclusivity of the VIP Lounge with a first-class wellness experience and sensual moments with our naked girls.

Themed Rooms

Spiegelzimmer | Saunaclub in Darmstadt


Those looking to enjoy a unique kind of erotic ex&shy:perience at Sharks sauna club can retreat with a FKK girl to one of our sensually themed rooms.


The Mirror Room lets you watch yourself in action from all kinds of angles that could easily leave you in a pleasure-inducing, never-before-experienced state of ecstasy.

Ever since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey S&M has become mainstream discussion.

In the S&M Room you can test and try out your fantasies or if it’s something you’re already into simply let them run wild.

° ° °

For those new to S&M, the Soft S&M Room provides a gentle introduction where you can gradually push the boundaries between pleasure and pain.

Experiment with some light bondage games or dive into sexual submission.

If you’re used to having it rough we recommend a visit to the Advanced S&M Room.

Here you’ll find various ways to play it rough with a large choice of S&M tools and toys that’ll transport you to a world of your own.


FKK Girl im Sharks | Saunaclub in Darmstadt


Any visit to Sharks is an erotic day like no other where you can take advantage of all the amenities that our Darmstadt sauna club has to offer. 

From the minute you enter you’ll be given a comfortable bath­robe, disinfected bathing slippers, soft towels and a key for you own personal locker in the changing room.

Quench your thirst at the heart of the sauna club – our huge, well-stocked bar – where no drink order is left uncatered for. In our very own restaurant you can keep your strengths up by sampling the delicacies of our star chef.

Enjoy erotic shows and pole dances featuring our gorgeous naked girls, who work at Sharks on a self-employed basis. In the erotic cinema you can watch sensual films and let your imagination run wild.

Our winter garden provides the best view: Keep a casual eye on what’s happening both inside and out and throw your favourite girl a seductive glance. Then together you can live out your erotic fantasies in the exciting themed rooms on the first floor.

If you’d rather watch the sport, here at Sharks you can choose from a range of sports channels: Whether your favourite football team are playing or there’s a Formula One race, Sharks wouldn’t have you miss a minute.

For special occasions you and your friends can hire out our exclusive VIP area and be king of our nudist club for the day. Expect comfortably furnished private rooms and more, accessible to you and you alone.


Refuel post-sex and soak up the sun – at Sharks we’ve got you covered. After – or before – amusing yourself with hot FKK girls, you can continue your day of wellness in the sauna club.

In our spa area you can take advantage of the steam bath, Finnish sauna, refreshing crushed ice bath, whirlpool, cosmetics studio, warming solarium and professional massage team, who will spoil you with a wellness treatment or a very popular Thai massage.

After that it’s time to switch off and forget the world around you in the chill-out zone.

° ° °
When the weather’s good you can swim a few laps of the pool and then tuck into the BBQ in our extensive outdoor area.

On comfortable loungers you’ll get to know our hot, self-employed FKK girls and then enjoy even more sensual moments with them in the air-conditioned outdoor huts.

The sauna club has an ATM available around the clock. Needless to say, you can pay by cash or also using a valid credit card.

So there’s really nothing stopping you from paying us a visit!

Distelhäuser Premium Pils 0,30 l 6.00
Distelhäuser Hefe-Weizen Hell 0,50 l 6.00
Pfungstädter Hefe-Weizen ( Hell o. Kristall ) 0,50 l 6.00
Alkoholfreies Pfungstädter Hefe-Weizen Hell 0,50 l 6.00
Alkoholfreies Bitburger Pils 0,33 l 6.00
Leckere Drinks im FKK Sharks
Whiskey 2 cl 4 cl 0.7 l
Jim Beam 7 12 150
Jack Daniel‘s 7 12 160
Johnnie Walker Red Label 7 7 12 160
Johnnie Walker Black Label 7 8 16 200
Johnnie Walker Blue Label 7 - - 400
Chivas Regal 2 8 16 250
Wodka 2 cl 4 cl 0.7 l 1.75 l
Absolut 7 12 160 -
Belvedere 8 16 200 300
Spirituosen 2 cl 4 cl 0.7 l
Bacardi Gold 2 7 12 150
Gordon's Gin 7 12 150
Tequila 7 12 150
Havana Club 3 años 7 12 150
Havana Club 7 años 7 12 160
Bailey's 1, 2, 6 7 12 150
Fernet-Branca 7 7 12 150
Jägermeister 2 7 12 150
Ramazzotti 7 12 150
Campari 2 7 12 160
Hennessy V.S. 7 7 12 160
Hennessy Fine 7 - - 200
Hennessy X.O. 2 20 30 450
Rémy Martin V.S.O.P. 7 12 160
Asbach 7 12 150
Champagner 0,2 l 0,37 l 0,75 l 1,5 l 3,0 l
Moët & Chandon 7 45 85 160 320 550
Moët & Chandon Rosé 7 - - 200 - -
Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial 7 - - 250 - -
Veuve Clicquot 7 45 85 160 - -
Dom Pérignon 7 - - 390 - -
Roederer Cristal 7 - - 480 - -
Wein 0,2 l 0,7 l
Weißwein 7 9 30
Rotwein 7 9 30
Sekt 0,7 l
Hausmarke 7 85
Energy Drink 0,25 l
Red Bull 1, 4 6
Cocktails 0,3 l
Hugo 7 9
Aperol Spritz 2, 3, 5, 7 9
Alle Softdrinks + Kaffee 1 (Latte Macchiato 1,6, Cappuccino 1,6 usw.)
Zusatzstoffe: (1) Koffeinhaltig, (2) mit Farbstoff, (3) Chininhaltig, (4) mit Taurin, (5) mit Konservierungsstoffen, (6) mit Milcheiweiß, (7) geschwefelt (enthält Sulfite)
Logo FKK Sharks

Diese Website enthält für Minderjährige ungeeignetes Material. Sie dürfen auf diese Website nur dann zugreifen wenn Sie mindestens 18 Jahre alt sind.

Ich bin mindestens 18 Jahre und habe den Hinweis zur Kenntnis genommen:

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass die anwesenden weiblichen Gäste nicht als Mitarbeiterinnen des FKK Sharks tätig sind, sondern als selbständige Unternehmerinnen, in eigenem Namen und auf eigene Rechnung.

Sämtliche angebotenen und kostenpflichtigen Dienstleistungen werden als Geschäftsbeziehung ausschließlich zwischen diesen Unternehmerinnen und den männlichen Gästen eingegangen.

Das FKK Sharks hat keinen Einfluss auf die Ausgestaltung und Abwicklung.


Sun – Wed  11 AM – 4 AM

Thu – Sat 11 AM – 5 AM

PLEASE NOTE: Our female guests offer their services on a freelance basis and they are not employed by FKK Sharks. Any agreements on the nature of the service and the amount of remuneration, as well as the payment are a matter of arrangement between our guests and will not give rise to a contractual or business relationship with FKK Sharks.

The female guests operate exclusively in in their own name and for their own account.
The admission price does not include any services of female guests or massage therapists working on a freelance basis.


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